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Fresh-From-the-Farm Garlic

What are garlic scapes?  A garlic scape grows out from the center pf the plant, which then produces a bulbis.  All hardneck garlic produces a scape and each varitiey produces its own unique scape.  Garlic scapes are edible and are just as flavorful as a garlic bulb.


Elephant garlic is really a leek.  It first came into the country with the  early immigrants of Czechoslovakia or Northern Yugoslavia.  Its original name was giant garlic, then renamed Elephant in 1941.  Elephant garlic is a hardy garlic with a mild flavor and is long storing. Elephant is a great roaster.


Button-6-Purple StripeArtichoke Garlic is a commerical grower's favorite because they have a wide range of flavor.  They're also easy to grow and store well.


Button-8-TurbanAsiatic garlic is an early-season garlic with intense flavor.  It typically has 8 to 10 flat cloves with tiny internal cloves.


Button-4-AsiaticThis garlic variety is known for its strong taste and grows best in northern climates.  With its high sugar content and flovor it makes a good roasting garlic


Purple Stripe is the most attractive of the bunch, with its robust flavor, texture and spiciness.  This variety has 8-12 cloves per bulb.

purple stripe

Button-7-RocamboleRocambole garlic has the spicy-hot taste, its one of the most wellknown garlic.  Its thinner wrappers flake offmaking it easy to peel.


Button-5-PorcelainThe Turban vaiety of garlic is full of lfavor.  These early-maturing garlic grow well in warmer climates and have a shorter storing time than other varieties.


About Us

Who said the garlic capitol of the world was on the West Coast? We think we've got something pretty special right here in New York. Creekside Garlic Farm started with simple research and a passion for naturally grown garlic. We have been in the garlic business for four years, and our product is naturally grown and tested bloat nematode free.

We source unique varieties of garlic to provide our customers with the most flavorful bulbs around. When mature, they are harvested, processed, and sold to customers online for delivery or purchased directly from us at garlic festivals or farmer's markets. As a local family farm, we appreciate your support and enjoy bringing fresh, local garlic into your kitchen.

Fun Garlic Fact
 Did you know that garlic has a lot of health benefits? We like to say, "A clove of garlic a day, keeps the doctor away." 

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August 24-25  Cleveland Garlic Fesival, Cleveland OH

September 21-22 Olde Mystic Village, Mystic CT

September 24-25 Hudson Valley Garlic Festival, Saugerties, NY

October 5-6 Easton Garlic Festival, Easton, PA

October 12-13 Carlic and Harvest Festival, Bethlehem, CT


Thank you for your interest. For questions or comments, please use the information listed here. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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