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Transylvanian Garlic

Artichoke Garlic

With 12 to 20 large cloves, Artichoke Garlic is a commercial grower's favorite because they have a wide range of flavor. They're also easy to grow and store well.

Bold and spicy when cooked, this garlic has about 12 to 20 cloves and is a customer favorite. It originates from a small village in the Transylvanian mountains and it stores well, too.

Inchellium Red

This soft neck garlic has 4-5 cloves, layered with 8-20 cloves.  It's mild with a lingering garlic flavor.  

Lorz Italian

This soft neck garlic has 12-20 cloves.  Popular with Italian chefs.  Has a robust, bold and spicy flavor.  Ideal for Italian dishes.  Also good in stir-fries, meats and roasting vegetables.

Wild Garlic

This soft neck garlic was found on the mountain near Washington, NH. Has a bursting garlic flavor and medium heat.  This is a universal garlic.