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Porcelain Garlic

This garlic variety is known for its strong taste, and grows best in northern climates. It typically produces four to six fat cloves. The bulb wrappers vary from white/ivory to purplish.

German White
This is a great roasting garlic. With large cloves and moderately spicy roasted flavor, this garlic is perfect for spreading on crackers. It peels easy and stores well. German immigrants brought this garlic to America more than a hundred years ago.

French White 
Evoke the aromas of the French countryside with this hardneck originating from the Rhone Alps region of France. It has five to eight large cloves that are large, moist, and sweet.

Porcelain Garlic

Georgian Crystal 
Enhance German or Polish dishes with this hardy hardneck. It has large, plump bulbs and a delightfully robust flavor. On average it has six cloves per bulb.

Georgian Fire 
Perfect for salsas, this hardneck punches strong robust flavor with a rich, hot, and spicy aftertaste. It originates from the Republic of Georgia. The color is light brown with streaks of purple, and it has four to eight cloves.


This  hardneck as a strong rich and hot garlicly flavor.

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