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Flavorful Garlic Varieties

Creekside Garlic Farm ships delectable bulbs from coast to coast. Some of our top varieties include Artichoke garlic and Asiatic garlic as well as Purple Stripe, Rocambole, and Turban.

Garlic Scapes

What are garlic scapes?  A garlic scape grows out from the center of the plant, which then produces bulbils.  All hardneck garlic produces a scape, each variety of hardneck garlic produces its own unique scape.   Garlic scapes are edible and are just as flavorful as a garlic bulb.  Some ways prepare garlic scapes are sauteed, ground into pesto, or cut like chives into salads. Garlic scapes are usually harvested between the 2nd and 3rd week of June.  So order yours today.