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Freshly Harvested Garlic

Rocambole Garlic

Delight in the spicy-hot taste of one of the most well-known garlic types in America. Its thinner wrappers flakes off making it easy to peel, and has purple striping and splotches.

Spanish Roja
The heirloom garlic, originally known as Greek Blue Garlic, has 8 to 12 cloves and a rich, hot-and-spicy flavor that lingers. It can be stored for 3 to 4 month

Very hot with a lingering strong flavor that has six to twelve cloves. We were able to obtain this garlic from a third generation from Hungary.

German Red 

With hot and spicy cloves and a rich, lingering garlic flavor, this hardneck was vrought to America by German immigrants.  Each bulb contians 8 to 12 cloves