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Varieties of Purple Stripe Garlic 

The most attractive of the bunch, Purple Stripe Garlic has a robust spicey flavor and usually has 8 to 12 cloves per bulb. We offer the following varieties:

Deerfield Purple (Purple Stripe)
Originates from Viet Nam.  Flavor starts mellow and finishes with a medium to hot heat.

Brown Rose (Marbled) 
Enjoy garlic at its purest form, raw, with this gourmet favorite. Brown Rose, our hottest garlic, is a hardneck garlic from Russia that produces five to seven very fat cloves. This garlic is easy to peel and stores well.

Brown Rose Garlic

Siberian (Marbled) 
Savor the flavor of this large bulb from Siberia and Alaska. When raw, it has a medium to strong, hot-and-spicy flavor; however, when cooked, the flavor is mild. This garlic is good in stir-fry recipes as well as for dips, sauces, and soups. It has five to eight easy-to-peel cloves and a high concentration of allicin (a pungent oily liquid with antibacterial properties unique to garlic). It can be stored up to six months if cured properly.

Russian Red (Purple Stripe)
A strong garlic flavor and a sweet aftertaste makes this combination of Rocambole and Marble Purple Stripe unique. It has 6 to 8 cloves and was introduced to America by Russian Doukhobor immigrants in the 1900s.

Italian Purple (Purple Stripe) 
Indulge in the lingering heat of this rich and flavorful tasting garlic from Italy. Each bulb has 8 to 10 cloves. Enjoy it right away as this bulb can only be stored for a short period of time.

Garlic Farmer

Bogytar  (Marbled)
Evoke the flavors of Italy with the strong, hot-and-spicy flavor and high allicin content. This hardneck garlic has six to eight elongated clove tips and purple-brown wrappers. We harvest Bogytar mid-summer, and it has the longest storage life of all our bulbs. It originates from the Caucasus Mountains in Moscow, Russia.

Duganski (Marbled) 
Need garlic that holds flavor well in cooking? Duganski is a hot, bold-tasting favorite. We think it's beautiful, with 8 to 12 cloves all wrapped up in purple.

Metechi (Marbled) 
For those looking for an heirloom variety, Metechi is a late-maturing hardneck with a very strong flavor. Eaten raw, it has a serious lasting kick. It produces 5 to 7 large, fat, easy-to-peel cloves. This variety originated in the Republic of Georgia.

Chesnok Red (Purple Striped)
The cook's best friend is this hardneck from the Republic of Georgia. It has an extremely potent flavor that is retained when cooked. It has 8 to 10 cloves and may be stored up to six months.

Pehoski Purple (Purple Striped)

In the 1980's this Heirloom garlic that had  been passed down through generations in the Polish community in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.  This garlic is intense when raw and a mild earthly garlic flavor when cooked.  It has 5-7 large flat cloves.

Vietnamese Purple (Purple Striped)

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